Scuttington-Manor Bed&Breakfast

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Room Two

Room two is a lovely single room. It has a single bed in the middle of the room with a dresser next to it. Room two has a television and it is also en-suite. This room is lovely for all of those people who have just come back from work and they just want to relax on their bed. The bathroom in room two has a toilet, a sink and a shower.

Room One

Room One is the biggest bedroom in the bed and breakfast and can sleep up to three people. There is one double bed and one single bed. It is one of the en-suite bedrooms with a shower and a bath. It is a very cosey bedroom and is loved by all of our guests that stay in that room.


There is one way to book in to Scuttington Manor bed and breakfast, that is by phoning up. Call Donna Tucker on 01795 521316 to book in. When you book, you need to tell us your name, phone number, how long you want to stay for, when you want to book for, what type of room you want and if you will be having breakfast or not. We do not do dinners and we do not have a bar.


Scuttington-Manor is a lovely example of a beautiful country manor house. It's views look all over the swale area and are just amazing. It is surrounded by large fields of sheep and green grass. Scuttington-Manor has seven bedrooms, five en-suite bedrooms, two seperate bathrooms that can be used by any of our guests, a dining room and a sitting room. It has a big function room that can be hired out for parties or weddings or any type of celebration. Scuttington-Manor has two single rooms, three double rooms and one triple room.
Scuttington-Manor does not have a bar and does not do dinners or lunches. It only does breakfasts. The staff who work here at Scuttington-Manor are very kind and are wery helpfull.
Scuttington-Manor is owned by Donna Tucker who has a family of a husband and two kids. All of the Tuckers are willing to do anything for our guests to ensure that they have a great stay here at Scuttington-Manor.